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If you are a creative and want an audience to share your art with this is definitely the place for you!  Please complete this Form to submit your pieces.


Important things to know. 

  • You can create ANYTHING. Essays, poems, short articles, long reads, thought pieces, lists, recipes, tutorial, anything .

  • We also accept photographs, artwork, book reviews, travel reviews... if you have any questions use the Contact Us 

  •  You are and always will be the owner of any and everything you write for Busy and Fabulous Lifestyle Blog.

  • You have the right to ask for your piece to be removed from the site at any point.

  • Your name and any social media will be shared with all pieces you do for the site. You will receive complete
    credit (unless you ask to remain anonymous).

  • Please cite any sources you use (even just with quick links throughout your writing).

  • You can submit as many pieces as you’d like for Busy and Fabulous Lifestyle Blog.

  • All Pieces Will be reviewed and may be edited.

  • We reserve the right to pass on any piece that does not fit our audience.


We will be in touch within 7  Business days for any submission.

Thank You!